What if teachers and administrators could better work
together to educate their students?


Conflict exists in any workplace, schools are certainly no exception. It is also true that many conflicts can be prevented or quickly resolved. Others are more complicated or significant and require strategic intervention. My PLAY NICE model helps people do just that – prevent insignificant conflict (PLAY) or resolve more serious situations (NICE).

The work of educating the next generation is far too important to be sabotaged by conflict between parents and teachers, teachers and teachers, or administrators and teachers.

"We learned that conversations do not have to be difficult or complex if we just listen for understanding. Mr. Price taught many techniques regarding how to funnel and understand the perceptions that often take control of our energy and lead to pre-judgment of people, which in-turn clouds the conversations we have and the decisions we make. Ron also brought training to our administrators on how to diffuse tense situations. Mr. Price provides the skills and techniques and skills necessary to not only have the conversations you need to have, but to ensure that they are authentic, productive, and don’t raise the stress level of the participants."

Kirk M. Carpenter


Aztec Municipal Schools


  • Equip your staff to talk to and with each other, rather than at one another.
  • Stop conflict before it stops your important work.
  • Keep conflict in its rightful place
  • Resolve conflict for great progress
  • Learn to handle conflict with confidence not dread
  • Let conflict work for you - not against you
"Mr. Price has a unique ability to present difficult human relations in a manner which is spiced with humor and is very engaging. The content areas in particular of conflict management and customer service were given in a professional style incorporating audience participation to maximize the learning."

David Eppich

VP for Student Services


Foundational Principles for a Productive Workplace:

Learn and implement key fundamentals to help your organization thrive as a cohesive unit.


PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox (Part One):

Avoid needless expenditures of time, money and resources by preventing insignificant conflict before it starts.


PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox (Part Two):

Resolve conflicts that threaten the viability and harmony of your workplace. Learn to satisfy each party’s concerns so the matter is truly put to rest.


Humor, Fun, and Laughter in the Workplace:

Which is worse - all fun and no work, or all work and no fun? Hopefully you agree the answer is neither! Let’s explore ways we can all enjoy our work more and get it done more productively.


Team-Killing Germs:

Do you know the five common germs that infect and kill relationships at work and at home? You should - and you will after attending this presentation/workshop.


Porcupines, Skunks, Customers and Co-Workers - How to deal with difficult people and situations:

Your world likely contains people and situations that are difficult at times and which can easily throw you off your game. This need not be the case. Learn some practical and valuable tools, tips and techniques to make the most of every challenging situation.



I’ve been a mediator for over 30 years. For over 30 years I have put myself between people who are at odds with each other. If that doesn’t tell you I’m a sick man I don’t know what will.

But it has been my great joy over the years to help people view their conflict in a different light, and more often than not reach an amicable resolution. Someone once said that “all fundamental problems are, at their core, problems of relationships. It follows then, that all real solutions consist of reordering relationships.” While people in the field of financial matters have typically been well-equipped to deliver their expertise,far too many have never been trained or equipped to handle relationships with Clients,co-workers, vendors and others. This often leads to problems which can negatively impact your bottom line.

I say we fix that, and design a presentation or training to meet your specific needs and situation. I use my experience as a Franklin-Covey certified facilitator to lead impactful workshops. My lengthy history with Toastmasters helps me deliver presentations that are informative, useful, and entertaining.

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