A note from Ron Price, owner/operator of Productive Outcomes:

As owner/operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc. I help folks address difficult and challenging situations and empower them to find successful, satisfying solutions. I do this through three specific areas.

The main focus of my practice is public speaking. As an Advanced Toastmaster and member of the National Speaker’s Association, I am in my element when addressing an audience. It is my great joy to provide participants with useful, practical tools, tips, and techniques to help them enjoy healthy relationships both at work and at home. Most people are not well versed in CPR – Conflict Prevention & Resolution and I aim to help change that. 

I always strive to ensure my presentations meet the specific needs of my client. I also add in generous amounts of activity and appropriate humor to make them easy to listen to and apply. 

A second component of my practice is workshop facilitation and interpersonal skills training.  Based on my certification from Franklin/Covey, and Achieve Global I have developed workshops that help people get along better with customers, clients, co-workers and family members. Participants in my workshops come away better equipped to deal with the stress of day-to-day life and to make reasoned decisions in the face of turmoil.

As with my presentations, I strive to tailor my workshops to the specific needs of a client. Any of my trainings can be adjusted from two hours to two days. Please see the Workshops page for more details.

A third component of my practice at Productive Outcomes, Inc. is life and relationship coaching. I am certified by Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Institute as a High Performance Coach. I thoroughly enjoy comng along side others, either individually or in groups,  to help them determine and achieve their best life. 

Life can be challenging, but with the right approach it can be tremendously rewarding and joyful.

Full Bio of Ron Price, MA

Ron Price is the owner and operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc. As a part time mediator in San Juan County since 1987, Ron originally opened his business as Four Corners Mediation & Arbitration, Inc. in September of 1996. The name change to Productive Outcomes, Inc. was made to reflect aspects of Ron’s business other than alternative dispute resolution. Some of these aspects include: public speaking, workshop facilitation, life and relationship coaching, and book writing.

Ron’s educational career began in Providence, Rhode Island, where he spent the first 25 years of his life. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1974 with a BA in Sociology. Having moved to Farmington in 1986 he commuted to the University of New Mexico from 1989 – 1993 and graduated with a Masters Degree in Counseling. In addition to his formal education Ron has also completed over 400 hours in continuing education, mostly in the fields of workshop facilitation, mediation, and life-skills-building.

In 1997 Ron was invited to conduct a workshop in non-violent crisis intervention for the security staff at San Juan College. This led to a mutually beneficial relationship between him and the Business and Industry Training Center where he became certified to conduct workshops for Achieve Global and Franklin/Covey, (including the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Focus). Ron very much appreciates working with people and challenging them to see life through more productive eyes than they might presently be seeing.

A longtime member of Toastmasters International, Ron provides dynamic programs on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Principled Negotiation, Building Productive Relationships and others. Ron is happily married to Maridell Price, a retired registered nurse at San Juan Regional Medical Center. They have been married 39 years. He is a past president of the San Juan Rotary Club,  and he currently serves as a board member for the Four Corners Conference for Professional Development, and the Four Corners Foundation.

On behalf of Cast A 2017, I’d like to thank you for donating your time to present in front of our cast members.

Your talk about “The Importance of Laughter” was energizing, relatable, and entertaining. Throughout our tour, we aim to invite guest speakers in every opportunity we have, and it’s highly appreciated when the topic presented is as heartwarming as laughter itself. Our cast members enjoyed the talk thoroughly and kept sharing their thoughts about it days after. I hope you enjoyed presenting to our cast as much as we enjoyed your presentation.



Education Manager, Up With People

Ron's presentation style combined a variety of multimedia platforms.

Utilizing slides, videos, audience participation, and a wonderful sense of humor, he kept everyone engaged making the hour go fast. In addition, Ron provided useful information leaving everyone with many "ah-ha” moments and several immediate takeaways they could apply towards personal as well as professional implementation



Executive Director, Durango Colorado Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Price’s upbeat demeanor and positive attitude, his ability to engage the audience, and his message make him an excellent speaker. I believe that all of our staff who heard him speak, have benefitted from his message.


MS Deputy Region Director, Northwest Region, New Mexico Department of Health

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ron’s presentations is humor. Even when he’s not speaking about laughter, it is a hallmark of his presentations. Ron is an engaging storyteller and he interjects frequent jokes into his talks. Our audience has always left with a smile on their faces.

Additionally, I have always found Ron to be extremely professional and always reliable in communications and keeping commitments. I have always found working with Ron to be a positive and joyful experience.



Community learning Center Director, San Juan College

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