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Conflict – few words conjure up a deeper sense of dread and anxiety.

69% of Americans claim they hate conflict. I believe the number is even higher, but this need not be the case for you.

Most of us have painful memories of past conflict situations that did not go well, and perhaps cost us a job, a relationship, or something else we valued.

While we all experience conflict from time-to-time, few of us have ever been trained, equipped, or taught how to manage conflict productively. I say we change that through the PLAY NICE model which provides tools, tips, and techniques to either prevent conflict (PLAY) or resolve conflict (NICE).

Conflict may be inevitable, but damaged relationships don’t have to be. Here’s how I can help:

You know that conflict is a normal and natural aspect of relationships. It’s how we learn to handle it effectively, that conflict can be an opportunity for learning, growth and positive change.

Let me help you take the right kinds of action before those inevitable minor skirmishes become full blown wars.

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When asked what they like about my presentation, participants use terms such as: “funny and interactive.” “great information and made me laugh.” “refreshing and inspiring.”

Let’s talk about how I can design a presentation specific to your audience which will motivate, inspire and equip them to be more productive in life, and to “play nice” in their sandbox at work.

As a humorist, I promise to deliver additional bonus of clean comedy and abundant laughter.

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Workshops and trainings are designed specifically for your situation and your needs. While I recommend a minimum of two hours for each workshop, I will work within your parameters. The two-hour minimum allows sufficient time for hands-on, experiential exercises.

Any of the following workshop topics can be combined in a manner that will best serve you and your team. Contact me today to get started!



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If you seem to have more questions than answers about your life, there is, or at least should  not be any shame in admitting you cannot resolve your situation by yourself. That’s when you might consider hiring a trained, competent, and  professional life coach, to come along side you and help you discover your best answers.

I am certified as a High Performance Habits coach. Call me and let’s discuss if we are a good fit for each other. 


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An Irish Proverb says “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” While I can’t help with the sleep problem, I sure enjoy helping people laugh. A few years ago as I was about to deliver a keynote the host introduced me as “Ron Price, Author, Speaker, and Humorist.”

Though I had not suggested or requested that introduction, I instantly claimed it as my own. I have a daily goal to help at least ten people laugh, and more is certainly merrier.
As a mediator and relationship coach for over 30 years, I well know that life can be hard, that many people are struggling today. Many of the difficulties people face today are due to unresolved conflict with important people in their lives. Often they are due to unresolved conflict within themselves.

While I did not coin the term “edutainer” that is another title which I claim. Drawing from my many years of experience and personal training, I help educate people in important life skills, all the while keeping them entertained and engaged.

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I offer several workshop options including: Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Presentations, and Humor and Fun in the Workplace.


 This workshop focuses on the influence of perceptions in determining how we deal with others. Participants will learn to suspend judgment, along with other helpful inter-personal skills. more…. It also covers the importance of making deposits versus withdrawals in their dealings with co-workers and others. And, lastly, it introduces participants to techniques designed to diffuse tense situations and avoid incidents of “road rage” or “going postal."
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 How to prevent it when possible, and how to deal with it successfully when unavoidable. This workshop is adapted from my books PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Work,  and PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Home. 

It provides helpful tips on how to prevent people from pushing your buttons, or at least from getting their desired result. We also cover specific steps you can take to avoid adversarial relations and to bring disputes to a constructive and productive outcome.

Wallflowers and bullies are both hindrances to an effective business – this workshop aims to minimize both.

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 Which is worse – all work and no fun or all fun and no work? Your workplace can likely afford neither. This fast-paced, interactive and instructional workshop teaches new ways to let your workplace experience be both enjoyable and productive. When we enjoy our work, we tend to treat co-workers and customers better.
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