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All workplaces experience poor communication and conflict among staff from time to time. These problems lead to poor morale, lower productivity and profitability, higher turnover - to mention just a few. However, while miscommunications and conflict situations are inevitable, they need not negatively impact your workplace. 

Research is clear that the average U.S. worker spends 2.5 hours a week dealing with conflict. This is estimated to lower an individual employee's productivity by as much as 28%. The annual cost of conflict to American businesses is estimated to be in the area of $359 Billion.

You might feel frustrated, thinking about tension among your team and the effort you exert to bring about unity and collaboration when your time could be better spent building your business. 

But what if your team members were equipped to:

  • Communicate productively?
  • Prevent trivial matters from escalating out-of-hand?
  • Resolve significant differences in a positive and lasting manner?

Conflict itself is not the problem. You will always have conflicts now and then. It's not knowing how to deal with them that destroys a team and thus their productivity and happiness. Conflict handled well actually builds up your team’s ability to handle differences and forge better ways to work together.

The workplace should be a happy and meaningful part of life.

"If you take care of your employees, then they will take care of your customers, which in turn will take care of your finances." ~ Ron Price

Why Choose Us

 30+ years of experience in mediation and facilitation

 Training customized to your company’s specific needs and challenges

 Training that is enjoyable and transformational

 Filled with lots of humor and “hands on” activities

 Author of three books in the PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox series

 Franklin/covey and Achieve Global certified facilitator

 Member of the Association for Talent Development

 Past President of the New Mexico Chapter – National Speaker’s Association

 A proven track record of getting lasting results

Our Clients

Raytheon Corporation

UCSD Health Center

Texas Tech University Health Professions

Utah School Nurse Association

New Mexico Dental Association

Up With People

New Mexico Health Department

New Mexico Municipal League

San Juan Regional Medical Center

Devon Energy

and many, many more.  

What Clients Are Saying

“The Court employed Ron to facilitate eight highly-effective workplace training sessions for our staff both in San Juan and McKinley counties. As a result of the well-constructed workshops, employees gained useful tools to avoid conflict, maintain relationships with co-workers and learned to deal with change. 

Weldon J. Neff


NM Eleventh Judicial District Court

"Ron's presentation style combined a variety of multimedia platforms. Utilizing slides, videos, audience participation, and a wonderful sense of humor, he kept everyone engaged making the hour go fast. In addition, Ron provided useful information leaving everyone with many "ah-ha" moments and several immediate takeaways they could apply towards personal as well as professional implementation."  

Jack Llewellyn

Executive Director

Durango Chamber of Commerce

“Mr. Price has a unique ability to present difficult human relations in a manner which is spiced with humor and very engaging. The content areas in particular of conflict management and customer service, were given in a professional style incorporating audience participation to maximize the learning.”

David Eppich

VP for Student Services

San Juan College

“Mr. Price’s upbeat demeanor and positive attiude, his ability to engage his audience, and his message make him an excellent speaker. I believe that all our staff who have heard him speak have benefitted from his message.”

Melissa L. Charlie

NM Department of Health

“Mr. Price provides the skills and techniques necessary to not only have the conversations you need to have, but to ensure they are authentic, productive, and don’t raise the stress level of the participants. The bottom line is it comes down to productive communication. Ron provides a great program to equip people with the tools they need to become better communicators.”

Kirk M. Carpenter


Aztec Municipal Schools

“The entire office, including myself, found the information insightful. One of my favorite aspects of the training was that you kept everyone engaged. It is my feeling that it (the training series) was money well spent."

Jimmy P. Voita

San Juan County Assessor


I offer several workshop options including: Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Presentations, and Humor and Fun in the Workplace.


 This workshop focuses on the influence of perceptions in determining how we deal with others. Participants will learn to suspend judgment, along with other helpful inter-personal skills. more…. It also covers the importance of making deposits versus withdrawals in their dealings with co-workers and others. And, lastly, it introduces participants to techniques designed to diffuse tense situations and avoid incidents of “road rage” or “going postal."
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 How to prevent it when possible, and how to deal with it successfully when unavoidable. This workshop is adapted from my books PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Work,  and PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Home. 

It provides helpful tips on how to prevent people from pushing your buttons, or at least from getting their desired result. We also cover specific steps you can take to avoid adversarial relations and to bring disputes to a constructive and productive outcome.

Wallflowers and bullies are both hindrances to an effective business – this workshop aims to minimize both.

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 Which is worse – all work and no fun or all fun and no work? Your workplace can likely afford neither. This fast-paced, interactive and instructional workshop teaches new ways to let your workplace experience be both enjoyable and productive. When we enjoy our work, we tend to treat co-workers and customers better.
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Option One:

A three-module pre-recorded video with accompanying worksheets for each lesson.


Option Two:

A series of twelve videos designed specifically
for your staff.


Option Three:

In-person presentations
for your team.

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If you had to choose, would you prefer to have an engaged and productive workforce or one with less drama and turmoil?

I suspect your answer is both, and I'm happy to say you don't have to choose. When your people are equipped with the right skillset you can experience positive morale and higher profits with less strife, absenteeism, and turnover.

Through my three books in my PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox series, ten workshops that I can deliver in person or virtually, plus an online course titled CPR Mastery (CPR= Conflict Prevention & Resolution), I have helped numerous companies in the public and private sectors transform into cooperative, enjoyable, and peaceful workplaces.

My training includes lots of appropriate humor that can help your participants learn and apply tools, tips, and techniques that will serve you, and them well, both at work and at home.


Schedule an exploratory conversation.

Design a customized plan.

Execute the training and workshops.

Enjoy a happier and more productive


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About Ron

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An Irish Proverb says “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” While I can’t help with the sleep problem, I sure enjoy helping people laugh. A few years ago as I was about to deliver a keynote the host introduced me as “Ron Price, Author, Speaker, and Humorist.”

Though I had not suggested or requested that introduction, I instantly claimed it as my own. I have a daily goal to help at least ten people laugh, and more is certainly merrier.
As a mediator and relationship coach for over 30 years, I well know that life can be hard, that many people are struggling today. Many of the difficulties people face today are due to unresolved conflict with important people in their lives. Often they are due to unresolved conflict within themselves.

While I did not coin the term “edutainer” that is another title which I claim. Drawing from my many years of experience and personal training, I help educate people in important life skills, all the while keeping them entertained and engaged.

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